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Water is the very source of life and it appeals to many aspects of the five senses, in particular that of sight and sound. Water is also what many city dwellers have to forgo in the name of urban living.

The typical urban dweller can be so disconnected from the element of water that one should not be surprised that many people believe that the rivers running through the Klang Valley to be drains. Introducing water back in or lives is important and where better to welcome back water than in our very own backyard?

Many people think of water features as something luxurious and very high-maintenance. Some even dismiss the idea of owning a water feature in their home garden because they believe their garden is too small, or that it’s going to cost them a bomb.

Yes, installing a water feature does involve spending some cash. But it doesn't mean that you’ve got to be a millionaire to have one. With the right information and proper planning, you can enjoy the pleasures of having a water feature without burning a big hole in your wallet.

First, ask yourself if you really want a water feature. With any open body of water, it’s highly recommended to have fish, which will in turn attract birds and insects. If you’re a nature-loving person who’s keen to experience this kind of interaction, you’ll definitely harness a lot of pleasure from your water feature.

Next, think of the other occupants of your garden. For families with little kids or toddlers, it pays to think about safety. A huge pond with beautiful fish featured prominently in your garden is a great thing to have, but you won’t be able to love or enjoy it much if you’re constantly worried about your kids accidentally falling in.

Sit down with your designer and discuss the options. Perhaps you can have it elevated from the ground, or get something that doesn’t have an open body of water. Your designer may give you suggestions on how to barricade the pool without compromising its beauty.

Water features add another dimension to the home garden. The sound of flowing water and its coolness to the touch are wonderful additions that will bring your home garden to a whole new level.

Flowing water is almost a must for those with a fountain but incorporating the pumps and pipes needed to complete the effect can be complicated and downright hazardous if not done correctly. This is why the job is best left to the professionals.

But don’t despair if you lack space in your home, even the smallest balcony can include a water feature.

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