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Outdoor Living

Malaysian Garden was designed with outdoor living at the heart of its philosophy, a trait distinctively Malaysian but one which has been largely forgotten. Bring the comforts of the indoors to your gardens and enjoy relearning nature from your home. 

A Sensible Approach

A warm, inviting façade that reflects the hospitability of Malaysian people. A muted, yet charming aesthetic appeal that mimics the cultural sensibilities of Asian people.

Outdoor Living with Malaysian Garden

Outdoor living is about gradually shifting one’s lifestyle to appreciate things that are abundant and readily available in nature. Appreciate the beauty of nature by simply finding a few minutes of your busy schedule in solitary contemplation of your garden, gazing at the sunset and thinking about the relentless passage of time.

Once in a while, make it an event with the family or kids, or just a loved one, to lie down outdoors and learn about the constellations. Or look at the moon and make up stories.

Outdoor Living

The Pangkin provides a ready-made seat so that on particular days when the weather is absolutely beautiful, you feel more inclined to spend a few minutes in your front lawn or garden immersed in nature, feeling good and being happy. Sometimes, just the sight of your garden hammock swinging lazily in the breeze can put you at ease. You don’t even have to go out and use it but you know you can if you want to, and that is the secret.

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