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One of our achievements is being recognise by our local entities such as MPH under the MPH Masterclass Series, a range of guidebooks with popular topics written by Malaysians for Malaysians. It is available at all major bookstores for RM35.90.

While his book is not a step-by-step guide, it has included case studies to shed more light on setting up beautiful home gardens in bungalows, apartments, semi-detached and link houses.

“I hope to promote the heart and soul of the Malaysian garden through this book, to let more people experience the pleasures and benefits that come with the outdoor living concept that I so love,” -Desmond Ho-

The MPH Masterclass Series is a collection of guidebooks written by top Malaysian names who are experts in their respective fields. The latest in the series is Desmond Ho's Guide to Beautiful Home Gardens. Tropical Malaysia is truly the ideal place for home gardens. It is unfortunate, however, that many find gardening a troublesome chore, and opt to ignore that part of their homes. Some even cement or tile up their yards.

This has not deterred Desmond Ho from forging ahead with his Malaysian garden concept. He has continuously promoted the idea of outdoor living. Despite the challenges, he has found considerable success so far. Having been in the industry for many years, Ho's company has gone on to receive national and international recognition for its unique Malaysian garden concept.


If you've always wanted a beautiful home garden – whether you own a bungalow, a terrace house or an apartment – this is the book for you. In this single volume, Ho shares information and tips on how you too can realize a beautiful home garden without breaking your back doing it.

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All About Terra Garden Design Sdn Bhd



Terra Garden today started off as Garden Mart Centre. Its business then was selling terrariums, or miniature gardens in glass containers. It was the vision of the founder, Desmond Ho, to set up Malaysia's biggest and most extensive garden center.



With a rapidly growing gardening industry and sound management, Garden Mart Centre was converted into a private limited company.

October 2000


Terra Garden reached a milestone by setting up the country's largest garden center, launching its Neo Nusantara range of garden designs.

2018 - Current


We have pushed the boundaries of indoor plants, creating a beautiful range that not only gives solutions of having plants indoor but mainly allowing people to engage with nature within the comforts of their indoor and minimal space, from offices to high rises apartments.


Japan Good Design Award certificate.jpg

Japan Good Design Award certificate.jpg

NewZealand Waikato Award (TG only).jpg

NewZealand Waikato Award (TG only).jpg

Malaysia MPSA.JPG

Malaysia MPSA.JPG

NewZealand Waikato Award (TG only)

NewZealand Waikato Award (TG only)

Japan Good Design Award trophy.JPG

Japan Good Design Award trophy.JPG

Ireland Garden Heaven Bronze Award certi

Ireland Garden Heaven Bronze Award certi

Birmingham The Mike Hough Memorial Troph

Birmingham The Mike Hough Memorial Troph

Birmingham The Shropshire Star Special c

Birmingham The Shropshire Star Special c

Birmingham The Shropshire Star Special c

Birmingham The Shropshire Star Special c

Birmingham The SHS Gold Medal Award 08 c

Birmingham The SHS Gold Medal Award 08 c

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Terra Garden is a company with a vision; to forge a truly Malaysian garden identity, one that instantly recognizable around the world.

It incorporates elements of Malaysian heritage in a garden, cultural icons like the design award winning malay pangkin (bench), pucuk rebung design and latticework representing the traditional sarong pelikat. The Malaysian Garden concept has struck a chord with Malaysians craving for their own identity. Terra Garden has a growing client base of more than five thousand (and counting). The company has transformed many gardens and open space into a slice of uniquely Malaysian paradise.


But its achievements extend beyond Malaysia. Terra Garden has taken its Malaysian Garden concept overseas such as Australia, England, Ireland, New Zealand and Switzerland. And along the way, it has garnered awards, including the Good Design Award from the Japan Industrial Design Promotion organization. Terra Garden’s unique vision has also attracted media attention with numerous features in television programmes and newspaper columns.

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5 Senses of Malaysian Garden


A garden must be pleasing to the eyes. With a focal point and beautiful layout, a garden becomes inviting and entices you to enter and experience it.


Once you enter, a garden must reward you with comfort. It should allow you to sit and stay to enjoy the surroundings, or even take a nap with cushions on the floor.


Once you're comfortable, the garden must produce soothing sounds to lull you to rest. Such sounds are created from the bubbling water feature, which will also attract other sounds of nature, such as birds chirping or crickets.


Then, the breeze will carry the delightful scent of fragrant plants. The positioning of these fragrant plants is very important - ideally located beside the seating areas.


Finally, imagine having a cup of coffee or tea in this outdoor setting, gazing at the stars or the full moon, or rejuvenating your soul watching the sun rise. This is what outdoor living is all about?

About five senses
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R&D of the Malaysian Garden

Our unique lattice design is inspired by the kain pelekat (Malaysian sarong) pattern.

The sarong is considered a staple of a truly Malaysian lifestyle as one can find men of all races using it even today.

Although it came from elsewhere, it has come to symbolize Malaysia.

Malaysian Lattice

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English Lattice

Japanese Lattice

Chinese Lattice

Dayang Bunting

Water features are an important symbol that define a garden's style. The Malaysian Garden is disntinctive and easily recognisable from its Dayang Bunting terra cotta pot with intricate floral carvings, based on Malaysian art. It can also be used as a garden lamp or unique garden ornament

Thai-style water feature

Balinese overflowing urns

Japanese bamboo water feature

datang 1.png

Each individual piece in Malaysian garden is made by skilled craftsmen 


Another one of our garden benches is the kuda-kuda , a truly unique design without comparison. It is a translation of the coconut scraping device found in small Malaysian towns or villages. In the garden, the kuda-kuda serves a multipurpose role as a bench, a divider, a shelf for plants or simply as an ornamental component.


Kuda-kuda Cinta


English-style garden bench


The Malaysian Garden bench takes its form after the pangkin, which is a raised timber platform commonly used by padi farmers as a resting place under the shade of trees. Our pangkin blends well in the surrounding tropical landscape like a custom-designed piece of art.


Traditional Indian lounge chair, Charpai

Traditional Chinese ceramic tool

The pangkin is still widely used in rural farming communities in Malaysia.

Lampu Obor

One of the many lamp designs in the Malaysian Garden is the lampu obor, an artistic impression of the lighting method used in the old days where burning torches would adorn pillars or walls in the kampong. The lampu obor illuminates the garden at night and used as a charming art piece by day.

obor 1.png

Victorian-style lamp

Traditional Chinese lantern

Balinese-style lamp

Japanese traditional lamp

Jantung Pisang
IMG_0778 rtert.jpg

The eye-catching banana flower.

The Jantung pisang or banana flower is one of several nature-inspired designs in the Malaysian Garden. The beauty of nature provides plenty of ideas for us to create visually stunning garden lamps or water features.

Design Process

Pucuk Rebung

The pucuk rebung is another example of using nature to express Malaysian elements. The choice of flora to depict local culture is obviously crucial - here the unassuming bamboo shoot morphs into one of Neo Nusantara's iconic water features and carving pattern.


Design Process


"How can I engage Terra Garden for consultation?

"How much will it cost to do up my garden?"

"What does Terra Garden do in the whole process of building my garden? 

Our contacts, email and address are all at the bottom of the page or just click 'Contact Us' at the top of the page and you will be directed to an inquiry form. You may choose whichever method you feel most comfortable with and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible. Feel free to inquire without worrying about any payments just yet. We provide consultations and site visits free of charge so we would understand your needs for an outdoor space first.

We are currently providing site visits for free in the Klang Valley but a small chargeable fee is applicable in other areas. We may only be able to estimate a quotation once we understand your space, needs and problems, budget and also, you. We try our best to get to know our clients so we can help provide the best outdoor space for you and your family.

Here at Terra Garden, we are your one stop center for achieving your dream garden. We start off by engaging with you and come over for a site visit. Then we come up with designs specially made for you to help cater for your needs. We'll present them to you and once you agree with everything, we will start the installation of your garden. From the plants, to wiring, piping and ultimately, the finishes. Ta da! All done and ready for you to enjoy the pleasure of being closer to nature.

Terra Garden Design Sdn Bhd


Thanks for subscribing!

03-2201 3383 / 012-2201 006

RT-3, 6th Floor, Rooftop, The Gardens Mall, Mid Valley City, Lingkaran Syed Putra, 59200, Kuala Lumpur


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