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Malaysians are spoiled with holidays, it's totally a norm for us to celebrate with equal zest four or five different cultural festivals a year.

That’s the spirit of being who we are and Malaysians have long reflected that in the way they do up their homes to celebrate festive occasions especially the interior, indoors. No effort is spared, nothing is too outrageous for the homeowner who wants to welcome the holidays in style. But, typically, while the inside of the house is all aglow with colourful lights and other decorative ornaments, the garden itself remains bare. Normally, the only season it will reflect is the monsoon season!

It doesn’t have to be that way. This year, come Chinese Lunar's New Year, Christmas or Hari Raya, don’t just stop at your front door; come all the way out into your garden. After all, it is a part of your home.

Here are the several ways you can optimise your garden according to the coming festive mood at the end of this year.

First, let’s stick with what we are familiar. Christmas usually means green and red, while Hari Raya means green or yellow.

There’s no hard and fast rule here. In fact, if you want your pond water to be red, or yellow for that matter, why not?

However, we can easily adopt the preferred colour tone merely by selecting the right plants.

While your garden might exudes that rustic, elegant look, notice how the mood changes with each type of plant.

Lime tree or kumquat is an auspicious plant for this upcoming Chinese Lunar's New Year.

Guzmania, Curly Bamboo, Money Tree Plant, Pachira, Zamioculcus and Kalanchoe would enhance the festive spirit too!

The poinsettia, for instance, is a deep red and green indoor plant normally associated with Christmas, while the goldcrest looks just like a miniature Christmas tree.

For that festive Hari Raya look, use more of yellow, gold and green. The yellow flowers of the chrysanthemum look simply lovely while the dyssodia, with its tiny golden flowers, lend an air of simple beauty.

Browse around at your neighbourhood nursery. There are over 200,000 species of tropical plants to play with, sobe wild, be creative!

In our experience, very few things come close to the satisfaction you get when you combine your own ideas and sweat to create your dream garden. We always consider this requirement whenever we design a garden for our clients. So let your garden reflect the Malaysian spirit of racial harmony the Terra Garden way!

Happy Chinese Lunar's New Year from all of us at Terra Garden.

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