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Garden Wall

Outdoor Room- Garden Wall

In today’s urban living, houses are built very close together for developers to maximize their land, and unless you can afford to own acres of land or live on a hill by yourself, neighbours are not something you can determine or choose.

Chances are that your neighbours are more privy to the daily on-goings in your house than you would like. If you are blessed, you’d have good neighbours and don’t mind being friends with them. But even so, it is still good to have a little privacy, especially in your outdoor room.

After all, it is inherent in human nature to crave the protection of boundaries. Fortunately, we can be more creative in an outdoor room setting than with the four walls of an indoor space.

Here are a few suggestions for your outdoor room walls:

· Hedges

· Creepers (good for those with chain fences)

· Lattices (promotes air-flow and cross ventilation)

· Louvre panels

Outdoor feature wall

Just like an indoor room, you can create a focal point wall using any of the three suggestions above. To add a little more style, you can decorate with more types of plants (essentially creating a wall garden) or design a water feature. Imagine the soothing sounds of water spouting or cascading from your feature wall. Perfect!

It is important to take into consideration lighting for your feature wall, so that you can still highlight and bring out nature’s beauty during night time or rainy days.

Once you have one garden wall as a main feature, the other walls can be focused on creating privacy. For an outdoor room, the space should not be sealed, so two to three sided walls are more than enough. They should also not feel too enclosed, allowing the natural pleasure of the outdoors to work its magic.

For example, if lattice is used as a wall, you can give it a unique look by creating a window on it that overlooks another part of the garden or a water feature.

Don’t worry about being unfriendly, garden walls are more for aesthetics and is less unsociable compared to a cement or brick wall. Furthermore, it can be made flexible enough to allow for interaction. Your children can still play around the fencing, and you can chat or share food with your neighbours.

But if your neighbours are not looking likely to win any friendly awards soon, you may consider planting more bushy and thorny plants to send a “subtle” message. Thereafter, if relations do improve, you can always trim it back down to eye level. That’s the beauty of a garden wall.

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