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Garden lattice with water feature surrounded with plants
Malaysian themed garden with our signature Pancuran and Dayang Bunting Water Feature

When the Chong’s bought their house, they had envisioned having a garden which was more than a green patch with the usual trimmings of plants and flowers. They wanted their garden to be an extension of their home, and to be able to use it as one would any room in the house. More than that, they wanted the garden to be functional, attractive and, at the same time, a place where they can relax after a hard day's work.

Being Malaysian, they also wanted their garden to be Malaysian in outlook. They had heard of Balinese Gardens, Victorian Gar- dens, Japanese Gardens but not a Malaysian garden. We share the same vision of designing a garden with a Malaysian identity; and when the Chong’s came to see us, we immediately sat down to discuss the concept.

We came up with Neo Nusantara, a garden featuring the Malaysian cultural diversity which is a rich mix of South-east Asian heritage. The Neo Nusantara design also incorporates ornaments from bygone eras.

Garden lights feature surrounded by plants at night.
Our award winning garden light feature, Lampu Obor

The use of pergola and decking reflects a typical Malay Kampung house with its veranda. The timber lattice affords privacy while the pergola will be laced with creepers to provide shade and at the same time create a cozy ambience. The pergola and timber lattice will bear Malaysian carvings of the Malay and Baba-Nyonya era and motifs featuring Majapahit and Temasik influence. For foliage, plants such as Pandan, Bunga Melor, hibiscus and some more well-known culinary herbs will be used. For a cooling effect, a water feature will also be constructed.

True to the Neo Nusantara design, a ceramic Tempayan (traditional water jar) and Cedok (a wooden ladle) will be used. For lighting, Obor and Pelita would be featured.

The Chong’s were excited about their new garden and can't wait for the design to take shape!

The garden that have Pergola with lattice at it's side.
Pergola and decking reflecting a typical Malay Kampung house

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