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Family Garden

In the traditions of Asian culture, ‘filial piety’ and the strong bonds of the family unit is of fundamental value. The modern family setting does not invalidate this, and it is common to find three generations or more staying under one roof.

Our goal is to create a design that encapsulates the dynamics of the urban family unit, staying true to our time, culture and lifestyle.

Equating the garden to an outdoor living space, the design removes the barriers of the four walls and becomes a platform that unites three generations. It is a space that promotes harmonious interaction between the young and the elderly under nature’s roof.

The sounds of cascading rainwater into the gathered pools provide an inviting and soothing effect, while a suspended hammock and swings becomes an attraction for kids and adults alike to play around, lie back and relax in. The dining area serves as a great way to bond and indulge in the pleasures of outdoor dining. Meanwhile, maintaining the surrounding herbs and vegetable plants encourages an active mind and body, as well as interaction and education for the younger ones.

The ultimate purpose is for the garden to provide a sanctuary within urban living, an aesthetic platform that strengthens family ties.

~ Terra Garden Family

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