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. This does not affect your speed, but it does mean that you can transfer more information than you can from a lower speed modem, or a modem that is not connected properly. Upgrade your Internet service to a faster connection for more speed and a better experience. Reply 1 says: 3/10/2009 12:58 PMI have the same problem. The answer is that when dialing up, the modem loses the connection every 30 seconds or so. I unplug my modem for about 10 minutes, and it dials up fine, though if I put it back in and plug it in, it loses again. I have even tried resetting the modem. If you check the error messages, you'll find that the system is attempting to set up a dial up connection. If you have speed dial and the modem was just updated, it can be confused by the phone number you enter. The advice is to check the information printed on the label on the bottom of your modem, and enter it correctly when setting up your modem. You might also need to turn off your speed dial function. Reply 2 says: 3/10/2009 2:46 PMOK, i have now read your reply and have found no way of changing the default setting of speed dialing. I thought it was the modem that was to blame until I checked the ISP and it was set to use the old network connection settings (older modem). Reply 3 says: 3/10/2009 2:48 PMI have the same problem, and followed the advice of switch off the speed dial function and it is now ok. Now the question is: what program should i use to monitor how many minutes has been connected so far and how long has the connection been active? Reply 4 says: 3/10/2009 7:44 PMthanks for your reply. however when i connect to the internet from my computer the modem restarts immediately after getting an ip address and disconnects after 30 seconds or less and starts up again. I have tried resetting the modem as you suggested but it still does the same thing. so i would like to know what program i can use to monitor how many minutes has been connected so far and how long has the connection been active. I know that the modem is resetting because i can hear the sounds of the modem resets in the speakers but i dont want the modem to reset while i am using the connection. Reply 5 says: 3/12




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Datanumen Outlook Repair 52 Keygen 112 lynterr

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