Kokedama is a Japanase word that means ‘moss ball’. The Neem Tree is part of the Azadirachta genus of the Meliaceae family. To make our Neem Tree ‘moss ball’, sphagnum moss is used to bind the roots. The Neem Tree produces white flowers which emit pleasant fragant during the night. The kokedama would help soften the harsh lines of furniture in a space.


Though our kokedamas share the same look, they are not the same with the traditional ones. Our kokedamas are crafts that were inspired from the original version.

Neem Tree

  • The Neem Tree thrives under bright light so it is suitable to be place outdoor. To water, simply soak the ‘ball’ in a basin until thoroughly saturated. Each kokedama is made by hand by our passionate Terra crew, here in Malaysia.


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